I've been thinking about how to put in simple words what makes me raw and I think the main characteristic that I have is the purity and simplicity, this I use it all the time, with my words, my actions and feelings. 
From very young age, my mother taught me to be a flower that opens and lets out its aroma, I have always been a woman who connects with people and the universe from pure essence and from love. SHE also taught me how to meditate, how to breath from the heart. She introduce to me the Shamanic World, The ayaguasca, and the love for nature.

My love is RAW, it has no limits or borders, it is not governed by color, age or culture. 
I'm here now to absorb all the knowledge of a life with conscience, also to connect with people that are making a difference in the way we live and appreciate each second, to make a difference myself.

I am RAW because my mother taught me to be so, I am RAW because I live everyday as a unique day, I am RAW because I connect with people form the deepest feeling. 
I also heal with my hands by practicing Reiki and this is something that not everyone can do with there hands because it charges you with so much energy that people dont know have to handle it, I am thankful for this power.

I am RAW because I LOVE
I am RAW because I Believe 
I am RAW because I Care
I am RAW because I have so much to offer
I am RAW because this is the moment to be so, to embrace our power in this earth, to love and be loved, to take care of our self and also take care of the one next to us. To take care of our mother Earth.
I am RAW because I have the power and the will.

Thank you Cristina for this movement. I realized that long time ago I was looking the other way, even though i already new the right path, this path, i choose to not walk into it, BUT RAW CHOSE ME <3.

Thanks to you and your beautiful words, challenges.You have made me RAW AGAIN.

Thank you for help me connect with myself again, Thank you for this community, thank you for this amazing thing that you have create from love and pure essence.
With love, Vivi Frank.