As co-founder of Gee Beauty, Natalie oversees the company’s US studio in Bal Harbour, Florida, creating a unique, customized and completely modern beauty experience that caters to the international, jet-set clientele at Bal Harbour Shops.

In 2005, fueled by her strong entrepreneurial spirit, Natalie observed that something fresh and modern was missing from traditional beauty experiences. It was her vision for ’beauty-on-the-go’ that motivated her to create something innovative – an understating of the busy, modern lifestyle led to time-sensitive, user-friendly and effective beauty solutions. Her immense passion for delivering the very best to her clients has guided her to create distinct and effective beauty experiences paired with an exceptional level of personalized service. Natalie is a true believer that experience is everything.

Balancing her commitment to her business and her brand (as seen in Vogue) with an active, healthy lifestyle in a city as creative, entrepreneurial and inspirational as Miami keeps Natalie constantly energized, excited and engaged.


With experience, and age, and experience, my number one piece of advice is to find mentors that inspire you, motivate you, and encourage you. Ask questions like, how did you get from idea to execution? How do you handle challenge in your business, no question is ever not worth asking.  Especially with social media, I have mentors who I don't even know - but feel inspired by either food they eat, or exercise they do or the career they have. I have also found that being inspired to be a strong woman in business doesn't just come from having only women around you. Connect with people who are not like you, but who are doing something that you admire. You never know where you can have inspiration from, so be open, and surround yourself with people you like.  



I take Mondays and Tuesdays off, so my routine changes when I am working and when I'm not. But what doesn't change is what I eat! I always start my mornings with Super Elixir - alkalizing greens to help balance followed by a green smoothie made up of romaine, spinach, celery, parsley, cilantro, apple, banana and lemon. I usually make large batches of this weekly and then fill 12oz mason jars - and leave in the fridge. I recently bought mason jars and glass containers, and let me tell you, it has made a HUGE difference in the way my food tastes and lasts in the fridge! 


On days off, I walk my dogs and then start my workouts - alternating between Barry's Bootcamp and Jet Set Pilates. On working days, I walk my dogs and head to Gee Beauty - saving my workouts for evenings. Lately it’s been yoga or Jet Set. 

I get to Gee Beauty by 9am, and what I love so much about what I do is that no two days are the same. Whether its marketing or brand development meetings, or doing brows for clients, I always feel that the day can bring any good opportunity if I am open to it. 


I think being centered is doing a combination of what I have mentioned above. Its working out, its eating healthy, its feeling inspired.