Does the monthly membership fee include all the events or are they extra?
Yes, our monthly membership fee includes all events and badass perks.

Are only women able to join the RAW tribe?
No! We welcome ALL who wish to grow, connect and move together no matter the gender. Our primary purpose is to embody our RAW self, no labels or titles included.

What annual perks are always available? 
We offer an assortment of perks that change throughout the year, partnering with brands such as Spotify, Pitusa, DrSmood, Manna Life Food, and many more, see full list here.

Are gyms a part of the RAWperks system?
Yes! We encourage our members to take advantage of the special discounts extended at various gyms and studios throughout the city, as part of our RAWperks system. We also offer movement classes once a month that challenge your physical ability with RAW fitness experiences.

Can I freeze my membership? 
Yes, you are able to freeze your membership one time per calendar year (for up to 3 months). To freeze your account simply email us at info@rawresidency.com at least 48 hours before your next billing cycle to make the necessary arrangements. Failure to notify us 48 hours in advance will result in your account being charged accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your membership anytime before your next billing cycle by either emailing us at info@rawresidency.com or through you account portal in your member dashboard. However, in the event you decide to reactivate your account there will be a $40 reinstatement fee will be charged.


Still more questions? Feel free to contact us at info@rawresidency.com