As Creative Director of Gee Beauty and 6 By Gee Beauty, Celene creates and oversees the brand’s vision, voice, style and direction. 

With an eye for beauty across many visual mediums, Celene’s creative spirit is fueled by her love of design, style, travel, fashion, art and interiors. A strong background in branding and marketing gives her the foundation to maintain Gee Beauty’s unique aesthetic, directing all aspects of the brand’s creativity and client-experience in-studio and online. 

Traveling and discovering world-class retail experiences, balanced with an active lifestyle (and a beach-day in Miami as often as possible), keeps Celene creative, fueled and passionate about building the Gee Beauty brand.


Stay positive. Support each other and show up for each other. We will only grow in power and achievement when we support one another, encourage each other and be proud of each other. One woman’s success paves the way for the next woman. It’s also important to show up and be present for your circle or tribe of women (and if you haven’t developed one yet, you always can. Seek out like-minded women with common goals, interests and passions and ask them to become part of your tribe). Speaking with positive language will help you standout in business. Instead of talking about how something isn’t working, ask how we can improve it to get the results that we want. Twist the conversation. Once you practice it, it becomes second-nature.



I’m not a morning person typically, but the Miami sunlight gets me out of bed! I aim to drink a glass of warm water with lemon, followed by my Super Elixir – Elle MacPherson’s all-natural alkalizing greens supplement. I sip it while I get dressed and check emails. On the way to work I like to listen to podcasts – like NPR’s How I Built This or the Glossy podcast, which is all about tech, luxury and fashion. The Girlboss podcast is amazing too.



I speak to my family everyday! I’m lucky I get to work with my family so we’re always in touch during the day for business, but we always try to talk or text in the evenings too. Staying close is the only way for us. Eating clean and moving my body are also extremely important to me, and give me a great sense of balance and energy.